Premium Lubricant Products

Innovation & Quality
Seay Oil Company Lubricants Division is a distributor of premium lubricant products. We supply automotive, industrial and transport customers with the highest quality lubricants available.



Petroleum Freight Carrier

Timely Delivery
Along with our unmatched wholesale abilities, Seay Oil Company is a certified I.C.C. petroleum freight carrier, allowing freight partners to take advantage of our many competitive freight structures. Our network of 23 transport units, ensure freight partners of timely delivery from all available sources in the region.



Diesel & Gasoline

Brand Variety
Seay Oil offers a wide variety of fuels with all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel, bulk and kerosene. In today's economy, keeping the wheels of your business moving is no easy task. We supply and distribute all the grades and blends of gasoline products helping to keep the wheels of your business moving forward.

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